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August 07, 2015 by Paula Petcu is an online service for ordering take-away food for pick-up or delivery. The website is missing however the basic functionality of being able to search for a specific food item. Are there any workarounds?

Say for example that you know exactly what you would like to order -- and it’s not a burger, pizza or sushi. Let’s take as an example ramen, which is a Japanese noodle soup. The site does not provide this option in their search (or rather predefined list of values you can filter on), so one option is to select Japanese cuisine, and then spend some time going through each Japanese restaurant looking if they have ramen on the menu. Hungry?

-- The only options to finding restaurants serving the food you are looking for is selecting one of the values from a limited and predefined list. Image source: (retrieved Aug 07 2015)

There is however a workaround. If just-eat does not provide a free-text search functionality, Google does. Google indexes the website, of course, so it should have all the menus for all the restaurants on the website.

A simple search with the filtering on the correct site should work:

Moreover, as an alternative to writing that type of query each time, we can use Google's Custom Search Engine service. It is a free service allowing anyone to create a search engine that is based on a subset of Google’s index.

The minimal configuration one can do is limit the results to a specific website, so in this case we can limit the results to

The link to the free-text search engine for is public: Search.

Bon appetit!

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