Sketchnote of Coursera's "Metadata: Organizing and Discovering Information"

November 30, 2013 by Paula Petcu

In September this year I enrolled in Coursera's course on "Metadata: Organizing and Discovering Information". Recently having read at that time Mike Rohde's book "The Sketchnote Handbook", I saw the course as a good opportunity not only to develop my knowledge about metadata but also to practice my skills in taking sketchnotes. Now in November, as the course finished and I have successfully passed all the tests, I can share my sketchnotes.

The sketchnotes were made on paper in a pocket-size Moleskine Sketchbook, in real time while watching the course videos. Then the pages were scanned and processed in an image containing one long continuos strip of all lecture sketchnotes.

The final image was created from scans like the following, which is an extract from Unit 7: How to Create Metadata:

You can view and download the sketchnote for the entire course here.

See also: course description on Coursera

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